The Lanza Center isn’t blind to the fact that technology is at the forefront of this generation’s life. We would be doing our children a disservice by not incorporating lessons that expand their knowledge of technology, software, and gaming. We bet your child can teach you a thing or two about your Iphone, IPAD or computer!


Coding a Lego

In this activity, children can begin to learn the basics of coding. This activity from Research Parent offers suggestions on how to scale the activity down for younger kids, as well as how to complicate it for elementary school and even middle school children.


Stop Motion Animation

Here’s an excellent option for creative STEM learning. We’ve all seen the fun stop-motion videos online, but you probably never thought of creating one yourself or, better yet, with your kids.


Build a Balloon Rocket

Oh, the fun you can have with Sir Isaac Newton, a balloon, a straw, and some string. Explore Newton’s Third Law of Motion when you design a balloon rocket. 

Towards a Smart & Passionate Generation

It’s always good to talk about the importance of failing with our kids. Some of our greatest inventors like Darwin, Newton, Einstein, and Edison failed and failed time again only to make history later on. And why is that? Because they didn’t give up.

24 Hours Library

Children with book access over the summer perform 35-40% better on reading achievement tests than children without books.

Social & Fun

Our children gets the chance to socialize and have fun with each other under thorough supervision

Safe Playground

Rubber mats, synthetic turf, and other artificial materials are in place for safe surfaces and require less maintenance.

Caring Staff

The children have access to maximum care and hospitality especially when having fun and studying.